According to WikiJob “Headhunting (also known as Executive Search) is the process of recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organizations.” While it sounds quite similar to recruitment, Headhunting involves a much more exclusive and specialized approach to service high value job roles.

Often, clients seek proven champions as employees for key vacancies or replacements in their organizations. These include C-suite as well as other senior management roles, critical to shape and drive their business. While a lot of such roles attract hiring from existing competitors, transformational and visionary objectives also lead to seeking candidates from different industries altogether. Few obvious elements of recruitment in such cases are confidentiality, negotiation, time and most critically the identification of relevant candidates. At Future Tense, we such elements our ubiquitous and differentiating factors, in paving our Headhunting success.

As professional headhunters based in Dubai and servicing across the UAE and beyond, Future Tense hosts a set of strongly-networked recruiters, focusing on the depth of our knowledge of clients and industries. We pursue and excel in the quality of our service instead of quantitative goals. Employers seek our professional and highly valued headhunting services to benefit from access to passive or invisible candidates, who are privy our networks. Beyond just suggesting a match for clients’ list of requirements, we, as Headhunters, leverage our own research and analysis to refer candidates who can deliver significant delta to clients’ ambitions.

Further, throughout the Headhunting process, we take an extremely sensitive and confidential approach to protect our clients’ interests, while also acting as the clients’ brand ambassadors.


The fundamental difference in Headhunting (vs. Recruitment) is that the target candidates are pre-selected by the Headhunters or the clients, and are systematically approached with job roles, even if they had not been looking for a job. We initiate a structured discussion with the target candidates, demonstrating significant value and professional synergy for them to consider the job opportunity. For multiple reasons including reach and reputation, often the clients are not well equipped to manage this process on their own, and seek our Headhunting services instead.

We enrich our client’s Headhunting choices with an extended multi-country reach, while sourcing candidates from similar, if not identical, markets in the region and worldwide. This helps our clients to seek champion employees from other markets or industries, who delivered success in countries with similar attributes (e.g. United Arab Emirates as expat-centric population or trading hub).

Future Tense’s Headhunting Expertise:

  • Thorough understanding of industrial verticals (e.g. Education, Real Estate, Banking & Financial Services, Commodities, among others)
  • Rich experience of job specifications and scoping
  • Strong professional networks across the UAE, GCC, South Asia and Europe
  • Expertise to identify and recommend emerging CxO level talent and candidates
  • Negotiating skills and perseverance

For any business queries or an introductory discussion on Headhunting services by Future Tense Human Resource Solutions, please contact us on or +971568367787.