If ‘customer is king’, employees are the kingmakers. The organisations which imbibe this, and more importantly, continuously manifest it in their operational plans, achieve sustainable success.

In the quest of such success, HR Consultancy plays a pivotal role, with recruitment expertise as a key aspect of its holistic scope. It is critical to identify and hire right talent at the right time, placing the onus on recruiters to understand clients’ organizational and cultural fit.

HR Consultancy in Dubai
HR Consultancy in Dubai

HR Consultancy in Dubai often targets incremental impact on themes such as workforce optimization, reskilling & upskilling, employee experience, yet, their success depends on the capability and scalability of the existing employees’ base. Strengthening this core, Future Tense Human Resource Solutions augments the recruitment scope of the HR Consultancy wheel. While recruitment process seems to be getting increasingly democratized with multiple, easy-to-access digital platforms and databases for employers, the consequently overwhelming volume and low accuracy of applicants pose acute hurdles. HR Consultants in the role of professional recruiters provide extensive efficiencies in mapping, sourcing, screening and appointment of candidates, saving critical time for clients.

WHO ARE WE? – HR Consultancy in Dubai

Future Tense is an HR Consultancy firm based in Dubai, U.A.E, that assists businesses in sourcing the right talent across all organizational levels, particularly for middle to senior-level positions. As a trusted partner in the search for the right talent, we provide the full range of recruitment services, taking end to end ownership of the recruitment cycle.

Future Tense excels in HR Consultancy with an emphasis on servicing the recruitment needs of today, with a keen eye on aspirations for the future. Our multi-disciplinary industries include Education, Media/Analytics, Hospitality/F&B, Real Estate, and Professional Services, among others.


To help your business grow, we offer a variety of flexible HR services that are tailored to your needs. Our services ensure:

  • Recruitment of qualified candidates starting from identification, sourcing up to their final on-boarding
  • Staffing, training, compensation planning and performance management
  • Insights on hiring trends, pay scales, competitor analysis, macro indicators

We leverage our exclusive networks and databases to source the best candidates for our clients, while also assisting job seekers in carving out their careers. Get in touch with us right away to plan and fulfill your hiring requirements.